Working out your potential expat tax deductions

Any way you put it, Australia’s one of the best countries in terms of quality of life and career opportunities. If you’re a qualified medical or allied health professional, for instance, your job prospects Down Under can be very good indeed.

Although the government is working to increase the number of locally trained doctors, nothing replaces the value of an experienced practitioner with a wealth of knowledge to share. Meanwhile, working the rounds in a reputable healthcare facility in ‘Straya may open you up to a raft of incentives for certain types of fully documented expenses incurred during official hours.

One way to reap deductions is to invest in your skills. The government allows deductions of up to $250 if your education is related to your line of work or you were granted a taxable-bonded scholarship. Your work uniforms are also key to tax minimisation as incentives are issued for acquiring fresh uniforms and having them cleaned.

Deductions for vehicle and travel expenses are also possible provided these were incurred during work hours; general physicians making house calls or shuffling between hospitals are good examples. Meanwhile, if you wish to donate to charity, you can only reap the deductions if the beneficiary is recognised as a deductible gift recipient. Your taxation specialist can also educate you on the Living Away From Home Allowance.

Learning the incentives due an expatriate professional will enrich your working experience in Australia. All the government asks is a full accounting of each and every expense.

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