Melbourne Doctors Need Accountants More than Ever

The Australian Medical Association purports that the recent efforts to impose additional fees on patients for visiting their general practitioner could severely limit health care access for the financially disadvantaged. Dr. Steve Hambleton himself, president of AMA, reports that he feels for what might be a lack of access to the aboriginal people, pensioners, and others in similar situations.

Even healthcare professionals in Melbourne have reason to be concerned. Australia’s cultural capital has a robust medical industry suiting various disciplines. They include the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, the St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, and the Royal Women’s Hospital, not to mention a number of cancer research centres. If you’re a medical practitioner who’s worried that the proposal may result in your services getting closer to the red, hire medical accountants in Melbourne.

Health care in Australia, for the most part is covered under Medicare, plus any private health insurance options you and your patients may seek. However, the proposal mentioned above may warrant further scrutiny between you and your accounting specialist. A closer study indicates that a $5 fee will be set on bulk-billed consultations with a GP.

The proposal, which is an offshoot of another plan presented in another administration around 20 years ago, is being touted to augment a recent insurance premium hike. However, it still needs you to sit down with skilled medical accountants to further map out how it may affect your finances as a medical practitioner.

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