What is Income Protection for Doctors?

Doctors are exposed to all sorts of dangers in the practice of their profession. With the possibility of contracting a serious illness or suffering a debilitating injury while on the job, doctors are often faced with the danger that something might happen that may cost them the ability to perform their jobs properly—putting their incomes at risk as well.

Income protection for doctors will allow them to receive a regular income in the event that they become incapacitated. With this type of insurance, a doctor should be able to maintain his quality of life in spite of his inability to continue his practice. It also provides protection to the physician’s family who has become dependent on his income.

Income protection might often be compared to critical illness insurance, however, there are differences. Unlike critical illness insurance, income protection does not provide the insured with a lump sum payment. This feature means that the insured will continue to receive protection throughout the duration of the insured’s incapacitation, or until the insured no longer suffers a loss of income, the policy ends, or the insured dies.

Unlike critical illness insurance, income protection is only designed to cover the insured until he reaches a given age. Typical options are 50, 55, 60, and 65, but some insurers are able to provide options that will protect the insured until he turns 70.

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